Our Team

Neil Zumwalde


An Electrical and Software Engineer living in Austin, TX, Neil has developed products and provided technical advisement in blockchain, industrial automation, and renewable energy markets. To Neil, nothing is impossible.

In his spare time he writes music for children and podcasts.

Momin Ahmad


Momin is Credmark’s secret weapon. He is versatile, a quick study, and usually in a good mood after 10AM. Besides being responsible for the development of some of Credmark’s projects, Momin is the author of our Crypto Credit Report.

Outside of work, he enjoys playing bluegrass on his upright bass.

Paul Murphy


Paul was born in Argentina, and have lived and worked all over the world. He used to write a lot of code. Now he’s kind of rusty. He does whatever needs doing, whether or not it’s fun.

In his spare time, Paul participates in activities that make his vegetarian friends unhappy. He firmly believes that the answer to most questions can be found in musical and opera scores.

Nishchal Gaba

Technical Lead

Nish eats data instead of food. Armed with a Master’s in AI from Edinburgh University, he has become one of India’s greatest technologists.

Outside of work he writes and reviews academic papers. For fun.

Stijn Dobbelaere

Designer / Marketing

From editing national ad campaigns, to voicing Pizza Hut commercials, to creating viral-ready memes, Stijn has had years of experience in design, advertising and marketing.

Outside of his work, he bangs loudly on drums.

 Tom Crumley

Community Manager

Tom’s career has spanned across the Tech spectrum, from Technical Writer/White paper editor to Cyber Security Sales. He loves people and managing them.

Outside of work, he enjoys beating the rest of the Credmark team in Chess, fantasying about a decentralized financial future, riding mopeds across southeast Asia. 

Alberto Ornaghi

Advisor | Coinbase

Blair Worrall

Advisor | Moody’s

Serge Ugarte

Advisor | FICO

Heikki Vänttinen

Advisor | API3

Join us

We are always looking for people to join our fast-moving ship. If you like what we’re doing and have a background in any of the areas listed below, GET IN TOUCH by sending an email to [email protected].


These are the areas that always need beefing up.

  • Community Engagement
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Sales