In the Beginning…

In 2018, Credmark became the world’s first Crypto Credit Bureau, after the startling revelation that Credit Data didn’t exist for crypto Assets.

Headquartered in Singapore and Austin, TX, Credmark founders Neil, Paul, and Momin began developing tools for determining creditworthiness based on DeFi and private crypto lending Data



After exploring the product market fit, and diving deep into decentralized finance, we became convinced that the future of the risk management market is decentralized. 

DeFi evolved and we’re evolving with it.

In 2020, after the pandemic put a brief pause on our work, we formulated a plan to begin decentralization.


As we’ve grown we’ve kept our global focus while paying attention to where we see crypto developing and where we find people prepared for this emerging world.

Neil Zumwalde

Founder & CEO

A trained Electrical and Software Engineer living in Austin, TX, he has developed products and provided technical advisement in blockchain, industrial automation, and renewable energy markets. 

In his spare time he writes music for children and podcasts.

Momin Ahmad

Co-Founder & CSO

Momin is Credmark’s secret weapon. He is versatile, a quick study, largely unflappable, and usually in a good mood after 10AM. Besides being responsible for the development of some of Credmark’s projects, Momin is the author of our Crypto Credit Report.

Paul Murphy Co-Founder & Board Member

Paul was born in Argentina. He grew up in France, Italy, and America. He’s been lucky enough to work in New York, London, Buenos Aires, Zug, and a few other places. He used to write a lot of code. Now he’s kind of rusty. He does whatever needs doing, whether or not it’s fun.

In his spare time Paul participates in several activities that make his vegetarian friends unhappy. He firmly believes that the answer to most questions can be found in musical and opera scores.

Serge Ugarte Advisor

Serge is both a rare bird and an odd duck.

Serge started his career as a management consultant in the Fintech space. Unfortunately the Global Management Consultant’s Union, a very secretive organization, kicked him out for being too smart, too hands-on, and too practical.

In 1998 Serge noticed that the Internet was really starting to get some traction, so he went to work for Cisco. He helped them navigate the post-crash world by selling hardware to companies that knew how to make money. Hands-on and practical turned out to be useful after all. In early 2010 Serge was recruited to lead Global Business Development at FICO. For a variety of reasons he also worked very closely with FICO’s Corporate Development division. His time there proved once again that competence is almost always rewarded with more work.

Today, Serge lives and breathes crypto, but keeps it quiet from friends and family who wouldn’t understand how he could have strayed so far from a respectable career. He did tell his wife, however, when he realized that someone he trusts needed to be able to recover his hardware wallet.

Alberto Ornaghi

Father of two, husband, tech fanboy. He started his career as an opensource programmer, employed as security engineer, became a professional programmer, a software architect and a CTO. Then he jumped in the blackhole of becoming a startup co-founder in his forties. He co-founded Neutrino, a blockchain analytics company recently sold to Coinbase. 

He is a big fan of agile programming and fast decision making, he will always fight for the KISS (keep it simple stupid) rule. He has a deep knowledge of the blockchain patterns and dynamics and happy to help credmark applying his knowledge to their product.

In his spare time he like to play with his sons, going on holiday with his wife and running 150 Km a month.

Blair Worrall Advisor

Blair began his career in public accounting at PricewaterhouseCoopers and later joined Dow Jones & Company, Inc.  In 2004 he joined Moody’s where he worked in finance, audit, and ratings operations. Based on his understanding of global ratings operations combined with an ever-deepening interest in crypto, Blair is serving as an advisor as we develop critical products for our corporate customers.    



When not working, Blair enjoys spending time at the New Jersey shore, and playing golf and pickle ball.

Join us

We are always looking for people to join our fast-moving ship. If you like what we’re doing and have a background in any of the areas listed below, GET IN TOUCH by sending an email to [email protected].


These are the areas that always need beefing up.

  • Community Engagement
  • Engineering
  • Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Sales