Credmark Clear for Business

Who it’s for?

Credmark Clear for Business is for anyone wanting to understand the financial health of a company.

Evaluating the financial health of a counterparty with a lot of crypto on their balance sheet is time-consuming and typically less than rigorous. The process can take weeks, so it delays business. Because the due diligence is informal, confidence remains low in the early days of any relationship. Clear for Business provides a rigorous, predictable business health rating in seconds, thereby eliminating a serious source of friction in the industry.

If you want to immediately increase counterparties’ confidence in your business, contact us to process your Clear for Business score.

If you need to know which counterparties you can trust with your business, ask for their Clear for Business scores.

What it is

Credmark Clear for Business is a commercial credit scoring service. A Clear for Business rating is the crypto equivalent of a D&B rating. 

You can retrieve Clear for Business scores and reports using our API or by using our portal

Getting Started

  1. Signup for the Clear for Business service.
  2. Use   to prove ownership of addresses that hold company’s crypto assets.
  3. If signing up for the 360 analysis, submit financials. (Note that payment and document submission are currently a manual process.)
  4. A crypto-only rating is available instantly. A 360 rating is available in 2 weeks.

How it Works

1. Find your counterparty.

Use our portal to find your counterparty. 

2. Request their Information

Request their Credmark Clear for Business Report

3. Real-time data analysis and Synthesis

Using our Wealth, Clear, and Business data, we generate a Report consisting of everything we know about your counterparty.

4. Report

Return a single number from 0-1000, additionally a detailed report can also be requested.