Credmark Clear

Who it’s for?

Credmark Clear is for anyone who wants to use credit data to determine creditworthiness or to personalize a loan product.

Clear is being used by lenders to personalize collateralized loans. Thanks to Clear lenders can offer

  • variable rates,
  • variable collateral requirements, and
  • variable liquidation window

depending on the client’s Clear score. 

Clear is also being used to build novel products that move beyond overcollateralization as a starting point.

What it is

Credmark Clear is a credit scoring and reporting service.

A Clear score is the crypto equivalent of a FICO score, and a Clear report is the analog to a traditional credit report.

You can retrieve this data using our API or by using the portal.

Getting Started

1. Signup for the Clear service.

2. Portal Access.

Use our portal to prove ownership of addresses that hold company’s crypto assets.

3. Submit Financials.

If signing up for the 360 analysis, submit financials. (Note that payment and document submission are currently a manual process.)

4. Rating Ready.

A crypto-only rating is available instantly. A 360 rating is available in 2 weeks.

How it works

1. Find a counterparty’s ID

Use our portal to find a counterparty’s ID.

2. Request

Send us the ID.

3. Real-time data analysis & synthesis

a. Retrieve Wealth score for every address proven to belong to ID.
b. Retrieve Sound score for every address proven to belong to ID.
c. Retrieve stored financials analysis.
d. Synthesize (a), (b), and (c).

4. Report

Return the output of 3(d), a single number [Info about the range of possible values and what they mean. A detailed report can also be requested.