Credmark Wealth

Who it’s for?

Credmark Wealth is for anyone needs to

  • triage,
  • prioritize, or
  • evaluate

their customers based on their wealth.

What it is

Credmark Wealth is a digital wealth measurement service. 

Digital assets are invisible to most of the world. You can’t measure them by looking at bank statements. Figuring out how someone’s crypto wealth is hard. We do the heavy lifting and report a single number that summarizes our research. If you want more details, we can give you a full report.

You can retrieve this data using our API or by using our Portal .

Getting Started

1. Request

Send us one or more addresses


2. Token Count Extraction

We create a list of all digital assets held by the submitted addresses


3. Obligation Analysis

Some tokens may be borrowed against collateral. We examine all loans associated with an address in order to adjust the number of free tokens held by the entity.


4. Token Value Adjustment

A token’s value is simply its fiat value as quoted by an exchange. But value varies across exchanges based on demand. Some tokens are more liquid than others. Some tokens are more volatile than others. Just as a house valued at $1MM is worth less than $1MM worth of cash some tokens are inherently more valuable than others. We use a number of factors to adjust a token’s value. Houses aren’t terribly liquid. It could take six months to sell it in order to convert it to currency!

5. Report

The output of all of this work is a single number from 0-1000. A detailed report can also be requested.