We are producing credit data for the entire spectrum of crypto lenders. We break this spectrum of lenders into three categories:

  • consumer,
  • Institutional, and
  • DeFi


Our customers in the retail lending space use two of our products: Wealth and Clear.
Sales and marketing use Wealth to triage inbound customers.
Product managers use Clear to build better lending products.

Over-collateralized lending was the only possible starting point. We’re still a few years away from having enough credit data to introduce completely credit-enabled lending products. But we have enough credit data to building more flexible products. Sound data is already being used to enable

  • variable rates,
  • variable collateral requirements, and
  • variable liquidation windows.
    This is exciting, and we can expect to see a lot more innovation soon


Our customers in the institutional lending space use all of our products: Wealth, Clear, and Clear for Business.

They use Wealth and Clear the same way consumer lending companies do.

Clear for Business was designed and built for them.

A Clear for Business rating reduces friction because it allows counterparties to trust each other without a lot of due diligence. Institutions can quickly trust liquidity providers, other crypto companies, and even big investors. And investors can quickly trust institutions.


First of all, we adhere to the minimalist definition of DeFi.

Today, no DeFi project can use our data APIs, because they haven’t yet been included in an oracle. We are working with several oracle projects to change this. 

If you have an idea for a DeFi lending project that could use credit data, get in touch. We’d love to work with you.