Defiant Money

Having trouble staying on top of your DeFi loans? Us too. 


So why did we bother building Defiant Money?

Given our business, we take out a lot of loans. We found ourselves having a lot of trouble keeping up with them. In fact, it got so bad at one point that we started being surprised by liquidations. 

We started building Defiant Money as an internal tool. A couple of outside people saw early prototypes and asked us if they could use it. And then a couple more did, and the feedback was always good. 

Eventually, the penny dropped and we realized it might make sense to make this tool generally available. 

We really wanted a tool that allowed us to manage our loans across multiple addresses, gave us notifications on loans in danger of liquidation, and provide a simple way to interact with those loans.

Additionally, there are a lot more things we want to do, and we needed some place to do them. For now, Defiant Money is it.