Do you really know your customer?

All these crypto companies are new. Which ones will be around tomorrow? Who can you trust with your assets?


You’re running a successful crypto business. Lots of signups. You don’t have the manpower to deal with everyone individually, but you’d like to pay attention to the wealthiest tier. Until now, you couldn’t.


Would a traditional bank consider making a loan to someone without knowing something about them? Of course not.

If you’re a crypto lender, how do you know about someone’s crypto assets, their cash flow, and their credit history? Until now, you couldn’t


Would a traditional high-net-worth individual consider investing with a company they knew nothing about? Of course not. They’d check the D&B rating, at the very least.

If you’re a crypto whale (or even a crypto tuna), where can you find data about exchanges or OTC desks? How do you know if they have a healthy balance sheet? Until now, you couldn’t.

OTC Desk

Would a traditional OTC desk do business with an unknown counterparty? Of course not. It’s an old business, so there aren’t many unknowns, and luckily it doesn’t take long to vet the new kids on the block.

In crypto, everyone’s a new kid. The little we know about each other is, frankly, little. Vetting takes a long time, and it’s not very accurate. How do we know if we can trust our counterparties? Until now, we couldn’t.