Credmark’s products are all designed to solve fundamental problems in our industry. Although built for very different users, our products share common foundations that allow us to evolve them quickly in response to customer feedback and a fast-changing industry.

WealthClear, and Clear for Business are accessible via API and Web Portal.

Credmark Wealth

You’re running a successful crypto business. Lots of signups. You don’t have the manpower to deal with everyone individually, but you’d like to pay attention to the wealthiest tier.

You need Credmark Wealth.

Given an address or a cluster of addresses, Wealth will tell you the net worth held by those addresses, in US dollars. Wealth adjusts digital asset values by taking their quality into account.

Quality is determined by evaluating the following: 

  • Market Pairs
  • Trading Volume
  • Stability

BTC, for example, has a much higher quality score than Coinye.

And finally, we consider any debt that may be associated with those addresses.

A full Wealth report includes …

Credmark Clear

You’re a crypto lender, you’re probably offering some form of over-collateralized loans. You don’t have any choice because you don’t know anything about your customers’ credit history.

With Credmark Clear, you do.

A Clear score is a crypto credit score. It synthesizes an address’ (or a cluster of addresses) behavior so that you know how Clear your borrower has been in the past. If you want to know more, just ask for the full Clear report.

What can you do with this information?


    That’s up to you, but here are a few ways Clear has already been used:

    • Variable rates.
    • Variable collateral requirements.
    • Variable liquidation windows.

    Credmark Clear for Business

    You’re an investor with lots of digital assets. Some people call you a whale. 

    The crypto financial system is exploding. More and more useful services are appearing every day. But the industry’s young. It’s hard to know who is going to survive. It’s hard to know who you can trust. 

    With Credmark Clear for Business, you can.

    Clear for Business is a commercial credit scoring system for companies with a large amount of crypto on their balance sheet. Even if those assets were visible to traditional rating agencies, they wouldn’t know how to evaluate them. 

    Clear for Business provides corporate credit scores and reports that take into account:

        • audited financials,
        • digital assets, and
        • crypto behavior.

    Clear for Business uses Wealth to evaluate assets, Clear to evaluate behavior, and a team of analysts to evaluate audited financials.

    All of this information is distilled into a Clear for Business score so that you can easily decide who to trust. And if you want to know more, you can always ask for a full report.