Projects are important to us and, we hope, to the crypto lending community in general. We devote resources to them on the assumption that the intangible benefits we derive from this work is more or less equal to the costs we incur. We think of this as the non-profit part of Credmark.

Crypto Credit Report

In early 2019 we decided to start publishing a quarterly industry reports. We made this decision for several reasons: 

  • The only industry information available was being generated by marketing departments.
  • It wasn’t being collated.
  • No one was trying to come up with metrics that could be reported across services.
  • The industry was young (c. 24 months old) and growing very quickly (c. 20% month-on-month). 

As a credit bureau we need to maintain impartial relationships with everyone in the industry, whether or not they are a client. This means that we are one of the few companies that is recognized as truly neutral. It would be impossible for a lender to even gather the data since competitors wouldn’t consider it.

Defiant Money

Managing DeFi loans is a bit of a nightmare. We know that first hand. We build an internal tool to help. It helped so much that we decided to make it public. 

This is a free service for any DeFi user. It’s especially useful if you manage multiple loans across protocols.

We want to make Defiant Money as useful as possible, for everyone. Give it a try. Let us know what you think. And let us know how we can make it better.