Crypto lenders want to reduce collateral requirements without increasing risk.

Traditional lenders want visibility in order to safely expand their products to include crypto.

Credmark provides crypto lenders data to measure and mitigate risk, and provides traditional lenders the expertise and tools necessary to incorporate crypto lending practices into their business.

The Problem

Without data your customers all look the same. They aren’t.

Trust is hard won, and if you’re a lender in a brand new financial system, how do you know who you should trust? Who deserves credit? Who deserves better terms?

Crypto credit is here

Credit starts with the ability to pay back a loan. Find counterparty asset holdings, and determine their solvency.

The past is our best predictor of the future. Our credit score is based on historical behavior.

Need business ratings for M&A, investment, or assurances that your assets are safe in public platforms? We aggregate that data.