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DeFi Transformations
Build. Access.

We curate blockchain data for developers. We keep it simple. We give you power.

  • Raw data for explorers.
  • Simple APIs for developers.
  • A transformation platform for quants.
Raw data
40 TB
Number of models
API calls
4 billion

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Easy-to-use APIs

Access historical and real-time data instantly. Free.

Token API

Access granular token data.

  • Current and historical token prices
  • DEX liquidity
  • Holdings
  • Token metadata

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Portfolio API

Trace portfolio activity.

  • Token price and balance
  • Wallet activity
  • Risk metrics

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Run any transformation with one endpoint.

  • Access 400+ existing transformations
  • Build your own transformations and access
  • Check out the Credmark Terminal, powered by our DeFi API

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Raw data

Fetch the latest block or access historical blockchain data to monitor or trace any activity from the genesis block. Our data is accessible via the Snowflake Marketplace. We currently support:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • BSC

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Build your own transformations

Use our RPC nodes, or your own. Use our decoded, indexed historical data. Use existing transformations. Use the most powerful transformation platform in DeFi to access and transform data.

Powerful Data

Curated for fast, easy access.

Highly composable

Leverage existing transformations.


Write your models in Python. We’ve integrated all the data science libraries you need. And we support Jupyter Notebook.

See our DeFi API in Action

Discover the potential of our DeFi API in our Terminal. Visualize some of our models and gain insight into popular DEXes and protocols like Uniswap, FRAX, Curve, Aave and more!

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What our customers say


Grant Cermak, CEO

“Credmark's platform allows us to develop DeFi risk models faster than we ever could before. The integration of curated data sets, Python, and a library of pre-built data structures and models are an incredible springboard.”


Daniel Tse, CTO

“We started using Credmark's Token API and then needed some custom portfolio calculations. Credmark was able to build and deploy those in days. Thanks to their DeFi API we were able to immediately integrate that new data into our app.”


Exa, CTO

“Credmark enables us to easily write our own models, query historical data sets via APIs using an open source framework. This means we can focus on product iteration instead of building our own web3 data stack, or creating custom integrations to wrangle data.”

Credit coop

Cwalk, Founder

“Our deal with REDACTED was only made possible with Credmark’s DeFi API and the Credmark Model Framework. With the platforms, lenders can know the facility is backed by verifiable on-chain data.”

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