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Simple. Powerful.
Accessible Blockchain Data

We curate blockchain data for developers. We keep it simple. We give you power.

  • Raw data for explorers.
  • Simple APIs for developers.
  • A modeling platform for quants.
Raw data
10.5 TB
Number of models
API calls
2 billion

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Try our APIs

Access institutional-grade historical and real-time blockchain data instantly.

Token API

Access granular token data made for deep analysis and dApps.

  • Current and historical token prices
  • DEX liquidity
  • Holdings
  • Token metadata
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Portfolio API

Trace all wallet activity and manage your portfolio with integrated risk models

  • Token price and balance
  • Wallet activity
  • Risk metrics
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The gateway to DeFi, purpose-built for quants, modelers and web3 builders.

  • Access 150+ financial models with one endpoint
  • Create your own models with web3’s most robust modeling platform
  • Check out Credmark Terminal, powered by our DeFi API
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Raw data

Fetch the latest block or access historical blockchain data to monitor or trace any activity from the genesis block. Our data is accessible via the Snowflake Marketplace. We currently support:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
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Build your own models

You can run your own archive node and access the chain data directly. Or you can use our decoded, indexed data. Or you use the most powerful modeling platform in DeFi which gives you access to our data from a friendly Python environment. Our suggestion? Work smart, not hard.

Powerful Data

Curated for fast, easy access.

Highly composable

Build on top of the data or flexibly deploy it in various environments


Write your models in Python. We’ve integrated all the data science libraries you need. And we support Jupyter Notebook.

See our DeFi API in Action

Discover the potential of our DeFi API in our Terminal. Visualize some of our models and gain insight into popular DEXes and protocols like Uniswap, FRAX, Curve, Aave and more!

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