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Credmark is a financial modeling platform powered by reliable on-chain data. Validated models are readily composable making rapid prototyping simple.

Reliable Data

Complete on-chain data coverage with verifiable state and ledger data used to power financial models, DeFi analytics, and dApps

Crowdsourced Insights

Collective research and insights designed to help modelers understand DeFi protocols and build models with best practices

Battle-Tested Models

All models undergo quality assessment to ensure the model performs as stated and validated so it can be listed for the community’s use

A Global, Decentralized Community

Credmark is a decentralized project that connects model creators, validators, data consumers and protocol governors.

Our Ground-Breaking Tools

Credmark terminal

Credmark Model Framework

Rapid Prototyping and Deployment

tickAbstracts away the complexity of web3 coding

tickComplete real-time and historical data

tickModel search engine with example scripts to start immediately

Credmark terminal

Credmark Terminal

Visualize DeFi analytics with intuitive graphs

tickVisualized crypto analytics

tickMarket data & risk metrics for various protocols

tickHistoric data up to 90 days

tickExport data to CSV

Credmark Roadmap

Credmark product roadmap


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