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Without data your customers all look the same. They aren’t.

If you’re a lender, how do you know who you should trust? Who deserves credit? Who deserves better terms?

What you don’t know might hurt you.

If you’re in crypto you know how little data we have about each other. This has to change.



You need credit data. We sell credit data

If you need to know how wealthy someone is, Credmark Wealth will tell you

If you need to know how credit-worthy someone is, Credmark Clear will tell you.

If you need to know how salient a company is, Credmark for Business will tell you


As we build our products, we develop a lot of tools. As we sell our products, we talk to a lot of people.

And sometimes we notice something’s missing in the world, so we try to fill the void. These void-fillers we call “projects”. So far, we have two. Expect more.


Credmark (formerly Graychain) was founded in late-2018 after a fair bit of incubation by its endlessly-curious founders. Although domiciled in Singapore, Credmark is a global company.


We are an enthusiastic, distributed group, and we’re pretty fun. You’ll find us in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

ps. If you like what we’re doing and think you might like to join us, let us know!